From April 1st, until the end of June, then from the beginning of September, until the end of October, you can now book a group stay.
Whether you have planned a wedding, a baptism, a birthday, a diving stay or a corporate seminar, we welcome you on a group rate from 5 units (room or mini villa) booked and for a minimum of 3 nights.

Our breakfasts are included in the group formula!
You will find pastries, bread, hot drinks and juice as well as yogurt, butter and jam or honey.
Upon request, we can ensure that no one is separated.

Our accommodations all have a terrace to make the most of our beautiful outdoors and the sound of cicadas.

Spare yourself the stress of choosing a home for everyone!

If you are unable to agree on the type of accommodation to book, you can make a variegation.


Come and spend a week at Mare E Monti and benefit from the discount on the diving club.

Three advantages for our offer:

1. You choose your number of dives.
2. You choose your schedule for the week.
3. Take advantage of your free time to hike, kayak, canyoning or simply laze on the beach.